Maschinenfabrik ALFING KESSLER GmbH

CNC die-milling machine


Forgings between 1.5 and approx. 4.5 m in length are formed in the die forge, a process requiring dies that are true to detail. These are manufactured as part of a high-precision process on our CNC die-milling machines. The machining allowance required for the mechanical production of the crankshafts is considerably reduced as a result. The 3D model of the forging is derived from the data model of the completed crankshaft. With the help of the CAD/CAM interface and the CNC programming, the 3D model of the crankshaft forging is used to generate the milling programs for the die.

The CAM programmer uses the data model to generate a CNC program that is run in on the 6-axle CNC die-milling machine, enabling the machining of work pieces up to a weight of 90 t.

Pre-processing of the die contour. In this process, approx. 3 t of material is machined per die.

Following mechanical processing of the die, a tool mechanic polishes the engraving. The die is then measured and the results are recorded electronically. This documentation serves as proof for the customer.

Upper part and lower part of die, with the die-milling machine in the background.

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