Maschinenfabrik ALFING KESSLER GmbH

The large division produces ready-to-install crankshafts for large engines such as marine propulsion systems.

Crankshafts and Large Crankshafts


Crankshafts Engineering/logistics

Large crankshafts are depicted by means of highly detailed design specifications. We work together with the customer to define and optimise all the design parameters, such as materials, external forms, radii, oil drilling systems, surface treatment, counterweights, etc. Our specialists accompany all sub-processes from planning, material procurement, laboratory testing and simulations through to certification and delivery of the ready-to-install crankshaft. The latest CAD/CAM systems enable data to be exchanged directly with the customer systems. The seamless interworking of all processes ensures the highest levels of efficiency.

Crankshafts Forging/heat treatment

We primarily produce the forgings for large crankshafts in-house, as this enables complete quality monitoring at all times. We design and manufacture all dies and devices ourselves. Depending on the length, the forgings are forged in the closed die or transformed in throw-by-throw devices using 3,500 t presses. The material properties are precisely configured in the subsequent heat treatment, ensuring that the forgings are perfectly prepared for the machining work that is to be performed.

Crankshafts Surface treatment/hardening

The hardening of crankshafts has been one of our core competences ever since the company was founded. Surface treatment performed by means of nitriding, stroke peening or induction hardening increases the endurance strength, enables increased engine output and reduces wear. The hardening division used this specialist knowledge to develop solutions for the construction of induction hardening machines for in-house crankshaft production and for external customers.

Crankshafts Mechanical production

In the area of mechanical production, we deliberately provide all procedures in-house. Interior and exterior form milling, turning, deep hole drilling, gear forming, deburring, grinding, balancing and finishing: every process step is monitored and constantly optimised. We have a highly modern CNC-controlled machine park and seamless quality management. This is also accompanied by the processes of assembly, dynamic balancing, automatic washing with residual dirt analysis and crankshaft certification.

Crankshafts Accessory production, assembly

A large number of accessories and perfect final assembly are required in order to perform the steps for creating a ready-to-install crankshaft system. Our state-of-the-art machine park means that we can produce the crankshaft accessories in-house.

Crankshafts Finishing, final inspection

Each individual crankshaft system is perfected at the finishing stage. Not all processing steps can be performed using machines. The manual work steps are performed by specialist employees with many years of practical experience. In the subsequent final inspection, the crankshafts are subjected to a complete check. The crankshafts are then washed in washing systems in which some of the work steps are fully automated and subjected to a further visual check. They are then preserved and packaged in air-conditioned clean rooms.

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