Maschinenfabrik ALFING KESSLER GmbH

Crankshaft balancing machines


We do not simply manufacture crankshafts, we supply ready-to-install crankshaft systems to engine manufacturers. This also includes the production and assembly of counterweights and gear wheels, the attachment of sealing covers in the oil drilling system and dynamic balancing. The sum of these processes optimises the running behaviour of the crankshaft in the engine and ensures that natural oscillations are as low as possible. We only release crankshafts for final assembly once they have been subjected to careful and complete checks and have been fully documented. Our computer-controlled balancing machines can dynamically balance crankshafts with a length of up to 8 m, a minimum circumscribed diameter of up to 1.3 m and a weight of up to 13 t. As a labour-saving measure, the balancing holes are made directly on the balancing machine as part of the same operation.

Cutting-edge industrial screws are used to mount the counterweights in accordance with the customer specification.

The screen of the balancing machine displays the angular position, diameter and depth of the necessary balancing holes. These can be made directly on the balancing system.

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