Maschinenfabrik ALFING KESSLER GmbH


Preliminary work must be performed prior to the hardening process itself. With the use of our modular components, we can integrate these processes into the hardening system or fit them upstream of the system. The careful cleaning of each crankshaft is a particularly crucial factor in ensuring a successful hardening process. The hardening machine control system also assumes control of the washing machines. The work piece orientation ensures the correct radial alignment of the crankshafts in the hardening system. Crankshaft identification provides additional process security and is performed by reading the customer encoding, such as a data matrix or a barcode. Working closely with the client, we create the perfect system design for the best possible level of efficiency in the overall process.

Various washing technologies such as cold water, warm water, ring and swivel nozzle systems ensure effective washing processes.

Mechanical reading of the data matrix code provides secure identification of the work pieces.

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