Maschinenfabrik ALFING KESSLER GmbH
Induktoren Hersteller für Induktionshärteanlagen

ALFING inductors during crank pin heating process


A hardening system is only as good as the inductors that act as the central tool. Therefore, our inductors are developed and manufactured exclusively in-house. The creation of our inductors depends on the use of first-class materials and the high level of craftsmanship demonstrated by our employees, starting with the components involved in heating coils and the enclosure through to the assembly of the completed system. The fine tuning that concludes this process is an important step, requiring precision down to hundredths of a millimetre. Before the sliding shoes of an inductor come into contact with the bearing journals that are to be hardened, we implement a process requiring a great deal of engineering knowledge, perfect craftsmanship and precision during the final assembly. This is how we create inductors of such outstanding quality.

Final assembly and fine tuning of inductorsFinal assembly and fine tuning of inductors.

Assembly of delicate components on the heating conductorAssembly of delicate components on the heating conductor.

Precision welding during inductor constructionPrecision welding during inductor construction.

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