Maschinenfabrik ALFING KESSLER GmbH

Induction hardening machine in 3-shift operation at ALFING's crankshaft production

Induction Hardening Machines and Annealing Machines

Induction hardening machine division

The company's hardening machine division has been developing and manufacturing induction hardening machines for the production of crankshafts since 1952. More than 550 installations have been supplied to date and integrated into automotive and large crankshaft production lines. Customers throughout the world appreciate our wealth of experience and expertise in the construction of hardening machines and inductors, the development of specific and complex hardening processes and the use of energy-efficient methods such as residual heat tempering.

Small and large crankshafts, in-line engines, V-engines and split-pin engines, purely hardened bearing surfaces and tangential or undercut fillets subjected to additional hardening – the hardening processes we provide today, of which some are patented, satisfy almost all potential requirements. In addition, special requirements are analysed in a discussion with the customer and subsequently implemented in-house. Tailored machine developments, laboratory tests, test hardening and component strength tests using in-house laboratory machines are all part of the range provided by ALFING.

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