Maschinenfabrik ALFING KESSLER GmbH

'BAZ KW 600' hardening centre integrated into a customer production line.


This is a new machine type featuring a fully-enclosed workspace that is designed like a machining centre. It offers highly convenient operation by allowing the machine operator to access the hardening stations directly. For service and maintenance purposes, function assemblies can be accessed at ground level.


  • Machining centre (BAZ) based around two modules:
    Hardening of big end bearing journals (module 1),
    hardening of main bearing journals (module 2)
  • The most cutting-edge hardening machine design in the world with the smallest space requirement
  • Short conversion times and maximum user friendliness
  • Loading and unloading via gantry systems
  • Machine operator can access the hardening stations directly
  • Simplified service and maintenance on a single level
  • Fully-enclosed workspace
  • Connection workload reduced by 50% compared with classic hardening machines
  • Improved process stability with reduced elongation and reduced impact, particularly during radial hardening
  • Can be extended, e.g. with pre-washing, post-washing or tempering via residual heat
  • Crankshafts up to a length of 0.6 m and a weight of 30 kg
  • Cycle time approx. 60 s