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All services are provided from a single source, all production is carried out on our premises

Simultaneous Engineering

Simultaneous engineering is used to optimise the performance, costs and design of a hardening system prior to the start of production.

Customer specification/product requirements

These customer stipulations provide the basic data for the design of the hardening machine and the hardening process.

Hardening process concept

The hardening process is designed in accordance with the crankshaft geometry, material, cycle time, hardening zone and other framework conditions.

Hardening machine concept

The modular machine structure founded on basic types ensures that our hardening machines offer precise compliance with all individual customer demands such as cycle times, floor space, changeover times and automation requirements.

Pre-process and post-process concept

In accordance with the processes required by the customer before and after the actual hardening process, we offer a broad range of pre-process and post-process modules that can be offered in stand-alone format or integrated into the hardening system at the customer's request.

Part handling concept

In accordance with the production environment and the desired level of automation at the customer's site, we define proven loading and unloading systems such as gantry loaders and robots, as well as manual handling with the corresponding orientation devices.


The system layout is created in the 3D CAD system on the basis of the above-mentioned concepts and customer-specific special requirements. This in turn is used to derive the production drawings, the electrical and pneumatic plans, the parts lists and the work plans.


We can test innovative developments and new processes on our laboratory machines and also perform long-term studies on hardening results in our experimental laboratory.


All parts processes, from production and assembly through to customer acceptance, take place on site at Maschinenfabrik ALFING Kessler.

Mechanical production

The hardening machines division has its own highly modern CNC machine park for the purpose of mechanical production. Due to the great depth of production, nearly all work steps can be performed on site.

Installation of hardening machines and inductors

The assemblies specified in the hardening machine design are put together in the final assembly stage and checked for correct function. Thanks to the modular design of the machine, we are able to implement very short installation times with a high level of process reliability.

Control system construction

Using proven industrial purchased parts, the company designs, commissions and tests hardware and software for the NC-PLC control system in the hardening machine, pre-processes, post-processes and part handling.

Commissioning/test run

Commissioning and the test run are performed in our final assembly. These processes are performed by our experienced service technicians.

Process development/hardness tests

Prior to delivery of the machine, our technicians test all the necessary processes on the customer system and perform hardness tests on the customer work pieces.

Quality check/acceptance

When testing the hardening zones in our laboratory, we are able to determine whether the customer requirements in terms of the hardening zone, surface hardness, hardness profile and structure have been met.

Delivery and external assembly

The assembly, commissioning and final acceptance at the customer's site is performed by experienced service technicians responsible for mechanics and control technology. They have the greatest knowledge of the hardening system, which enables them to achieve short recommissioning times.

24-hour teleservice

Our hardening machines are often involved in production operation around the clock. We therefore provide our customers with service and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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