Maschinenfabrik ALFING KESSLER GmbH

Facts and figures on our joint venture

Owners: 50% Guilin Fuda Co., Ltd., 50% Maschinenfabrik Alfing Kessler GmbH
Headquarters: Production in Guilin, sales in Shanghai/Guilin
Founding: May 2018
Production capacity: approx. 4,000 crankshafts/year
Length range: 1.6-4 m (8 m) – only mechanical processing

Joint Venture

In 2018, we founded the joint venture Guilin Fuda Alfing Large Crankshaft Co., Ltd. alongside Chinese company Guilin Fuda Co., Ltd. Our partner, Guilin Fuda Co., Ltd., has been producing crankshafts, sprockets and couplings for a wide variety of engine applications since 1996.

With our joint venture ALFU in China, we intend to serve engine manufacturers and customers of Maschinenfabrik Alfing Kessler GmbH, which owns engine factories in China.

Large production areas and office spaces are available in Guilin, in order to bundle our capacities with Guilin Fuda Co. Ltd. as a joint venture. In the future, we want to use these conditions to become a more attractive supplier for all engine manufacturers in China.

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