Maschinenfabrik ALFING KESSLER GmbH


Through the combination of our expertise, the use of multifunctional CNC machines and the high level of craftsmanship demonstrated by employees with many years of experience, we are able to quickly, flexibly and efficiently manufacture development samples, prototypes, small batches and crankshafts for motor racing.

Crankshafts | unprocessed raw materialIn the turning and milling centre, the pre-machined forging is created from the unprocessed raw material.

Milling the crankshaft webs, the main bearing journals and the crank pinsHere, milling is performed on the crankshaft webs, the main bearing journals and the crank pins.

Hardening machines and inductors for crankshaftsUsing the hardening machines and inductors that we have developed in-house, we are able to perform a comprehensive series of tests on prototypes involving various different inductors and quenching media.

Grinding Island | Quality assurance of crankshaftsAt the grinding island, shaft processing is accompanied by continuous quality assurance measures.

Fully automatic CNC measuring machine for small crankshaftsThe fully-automated CNC measuring machine can also be used for small batches.

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