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From the prototype through to series application

Structure of the Automotive crankshafts division

Crankshafts for in-line engines, flat engines, V-engines, racing engines, development samples, small batches and prototypes – our automotive division has enabled us to become a long-term partner in great demand among brands with rich traditions as well as exclusive manufacturers. We produce and supply ready-to-install crankshafts up to 1 m in length for engine outputs up to 850 kW and engine speeds up to 20,000 rpm. Our specialists identify the correct technical solution for every customer requirement. Our services range from initial consultation, continuous support, order creation and logistics for forgings through to just-in-time delivery. In doing so, we support all the latest communication standards: VDA, Odette and ENX interfaces, Delfor, Deljit, etc.


We use the interface data to create a 3D model of the desired crankshaft, then use this to derive the crankshaft status drawings, engineer the tooling and equipment, create the work plans, perform CNC programming and design the tools. This is performed using the latest machine technologies.

Prototype production

Thanks to our expertise and the use of flexible and multifunctional CNC machines, we can efficiently manufacture development samples, prototypes, small batches and crankshafts for motor racing in accordance with customer specifications.

Series production

As a result of our high standard of production, high-grade automation and consistently high quality level, we have acquired a solid and recognised position in series production. We ensure the highest levels of efficiency through our automated production lines and interlinked CNC machining centres where loading and unloading is performed via gantry loaders.

Surface treatment

The quality of the surface treatment has a considerable influence on the performance, fatigue strength and low wear level of high-speed crankshafts. This is a field in which we have gained knowledge and experience over a number of decades, in areas such as gas nitriding, gas nitrocarburising, fillet rolling, induction hardening and stress relieving. We make use of a range of patented in-house procedures. In the areas of induction hardening and stress relieving in particular, we offer over 60 years of practical expertise that has flowed directly into the development and construction of our in-house hardening machines and inductors.

Final assembly

Following cleaning in automated washing systems, the crankshafts are inspected with state-of-the-art measuring machines to ensure dimensional accuracy, after which they are automatically classified, laser encoded and packaged for shipping. It goes without saying that this takes place in air-conditioned clean rooms.

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