Maschinenfabrik ALFING KESSLER GmbH

Robot-controlled loading and unloading station of a 3D measuring machine.

Final assembly of crankshafts

Alongside fully-automated measurement processes for large-scale production, we also have a final assembly area for small and medium-scale production. Driverless transport systems transfer the crankshafts from the production areas to the clean rooms for final assembly. Here, the final measurement and 'classification' is performed using state-of-the-art visual and touch-free 3D machines. In this area, the permissible tolerances for the diameter, roundness and concentricity are often only within the 1/1,000 mm range.

The results for each crankshaft are documented electronically, archived and 'burned in' at the request of the customer using a laser, for example as a data matrix code on the crankshaft cheek. The shafts are then packaged in VCI bags, deposited onto the customer's own transport containers and transferred to the shipping area by driverless transport systems. From here, we are able to perform pinpoint delivery onto the client's engine production line.

Driverless transport system in the final assembly clean room.

Production data and test results are 'burned in' to a crankshaft by means of laser marking.

Laser-encoded crankshaft web.

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