Maschinenfabrik ALFING KESSLER GmbH

Fatigue strength laboratory for automotive crankshafts

Fatigue and component tests

In the design strength laboratory for automotive crankshafts, we carry out fatigue strength tests on crankshaft throws (bending and torsion fatigue strength) in addition to performing rotating bending fatigue tests on material samples. The high level of success enjoyed by our test engineers in this area means that engine developers and manufacturers are enthusiastic about making use of this service.

The bending fatigue strength of crankshafts for use in cars is tested on a bending test bench developed by ALFING.

The torsion test bench developed by ALFING determines the torsion endurance strength of a car crankshaft by means of programmable automated test sequences.

Surface of a torsion fracture in the main journal. The fracture in the crankshaft was initiated by means of a torsion fatigue strength test.

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