Maschinenfabrik ALFING KESSLER GmbH

CAD/FEM simulation for the development of alternative design variants


Our core competences include research, design optimisation and production technology, from the prototype through to the mass-produced crankshaft. Our CAD solutions comprise the transfer of data to all customer systems, the FEM simulation and the balancing analysis. We develop new procedures for increasing the performance of the crankshaft, perform material tests and analyses and check the fatigue strength, bending and torsion on in-house test benches.

Calculation engineer during FEM analysis of the critical tensions on a crankshaft.

We use the CAD model of the manufactured crankshaft and our production expertise to develop the necessary production resources such as devices and tools.

Hydraulic rotary clamping device for the crankshaft/flange hole and the journal holes.

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